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Discover all the beauties
From the South Burgundy region

The remains of a spiritual center
Cluny Abbey

A few kilometers from our hotel with gourmet restaurant in Viré in Burgundy, discover the seat of the largest medieval monastic order in the West.

The abbey was founded in 910 by William the Pious, Duke of Aquitaine. This abbey quickly became a model and a multitude of monasteries were placed under the dependence of Cluny. 

In the 11th century, this abbey was one of the most important capitals of Christian Europe. Discover Cluny Abbey during an exceptional visit.

A journey through time Cormatin Castle

In the heart of a 10-hectare park with a 17th century feel, discover Cormatin Castle. 

This castle, built from 1606, will impress you with its large moat and its military-style facades, as well as its 21-meter-high open staircase and the sumptuousness of its sumptuous apartments.

Emblematic place of Burgundy La Roche de Solutré

La Roche de Solutré is a limestone escarpment overlooking the town of Solutré-Pouilly.

You will find remarkable, breathtaking natural landscapes, an exceptional terroir, a 50,000-year-old history, more than 40 protected species of flowers and plants and a classified and protected territory. Beautiful walks await you at the Roche de Solutré.